The Saga Continues: Toronto’s Mayor and his personal battles

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Uncategorized


As the embattled Toronto mayor desperately tries to hold on, with dear life, to his position as mayor, the world over is shocked and amazed to learn Rob’s admittance to using narcotics. 

Rob Ford’s unfortunate turn of events began when the city of Toronto’s police department initiated an investigation called “Project Traveller”. During a routine search of electronic devices the police stumbled upon a video of the mayor with notorious street gangsters and in the video Rob was drunk and smoked a pipe containing crack cocaine. 

Now with the evidence clearly in public, I am amazed and question why Rob is still in office? If video evidence of smoking narcotics is not enough to overthrow the embattled mayor, more video footages have emerged of the notorious mayor, only this time he was on a raging rant about killing the person who recorded him smoking crack cocaine. “I’m going to kill that fu**ing guy,” he says. “He dies or I die, brother.” 

It seems politicians have it too easy these days. They habitually lie, cheat and steal from the public and now, as the story for one unfortunate Toronto mayor goes, they smoke drugs and go on a rant about killing people. The very things they are in power to protect and preserve are being exploited and diminished. I wonder for how much longer will Rob Ford be willing to face the humiliation surrounding his actions while remaining Toronto’s mayor. I believe the end is all too near for Rob as the investigation continues and comes to a conclusion Rob will eventually be thrown out of office and therefore it should be in his best of interest to step down as soon as he can. 

Furthermore, In an ironic twist, Don Cherry, the host of “Hockey Night In Canada”, once infamously said about Rob, “I say he is going to be the greatest mayor this city has ever, ever seen as far as I’m concerned and put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks,”. Unfortunately for Don, the pipe was in the wrong persons mouth. 

Below are the links to the material in this blog, the youtube videos show Rob admitting his guilt and ranting about the suspect whose computer contained the video.

  1. shadia222 says:

    Oh Rob Ford!,I’m shocked that he is still around.Why is it that government figures always have the most to hide?Maybe its because we the people give them too much power .I definitely agree with you,the end is near for Mr.Ford,lets hope he has enough dignity left to leave before he gets voted out.

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