School massacres across the US – A problem that needs to be addressed.

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Image Ever since the school massacre at Columbine, it seems that school shootings throughout the US has increased exponentially. Did you know that there have been 89 such cases of school shootings since Columbine throughout the US ( Since Columbine, events such as the Virginia Tech massacre, Sandy Hook and Sparks Middle School killings has gripped the public in fear of sending their children to school and being a teacher now comes with a risk of possibly being killed while at work. A school in Texas has allowed teachers to take up arms to protect themselves in case a shooter arrives at their school. Which begs the question, what can be the solution to this uniquely bizarre scenario? Some argue gun control and stricter gun laws, others argue for arming the schools with metal scanners and guards. I believe if someone wants a gun they can obtain one from the black market and if they want to shoot at people at a school then they will do so, therefor, gun control wont diminish the problem. I believe, that the solution, or somewhat control of the problem, can be achieved with a medley of gun education, education on violence and bullying and community support for individuals who come from broken families. I believe this because the shooters from Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook had mental cognitive issues, they were from broken homes and bullied and needed community support to find their escape from harshness of their surrounding environment. Furthermore, I want to ask you, what do you think would be the correct way to controlling this problem, after all, it seems the matter has just got worse and worse since Columbine so therefore, any tactic in place right now is not working so there must be a change required, what do you believe that change will need to be?


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